The Israeli Public Emergency Council for the Covid19 Crisis

Professor Hezi Levy - Director General of the Ministry of Health Professor Nachman Ash - Head of the Israel Defense ")Magen(" Program Professor Ran Balicer – Head of the Israel Defense Cabinet of Experts

Calm Down – Come To Your Senses – Change Course!

There are no words to describe the feelings of anger and disgust evoked by reading of the latest reports on the Corona Cabinet Hearings.

We keep daily track of publications and data from all over the world. We assumed you did too, however, it appears you subscribe to other professional journals that provide data from countries unknown to anyone outside your secret circle in which Covid-19 has begun to decimate and kill the young.

You repeatedly choose a course of action of intimidation, threats and horror-predictions bearing no connection to professional literature.  You rely on doomsayers lacking relevant academic qualifications, with backgrounds from fields unrelated tohealth and epidemics, and whose predictions have proven false time and time again.

You continually refer to “exponential growth” when millions of people have already been vaccinated, when the morbidity has been stable for a month, and during an ineffective lockdown which cannot even be enforced since the public is fed up.

You ignore the destruction sown by your irresponsible, short-sighted policy which is detrimental to health, mental illness, unemployment, violence, and worst of all harms the children.

You repeatedly ignore the figures showing that we are indeed losing children, but not to illness.

We are losing children who drop out of that system because they can no longer learn with Zoom, who are using drugs,  who are becoming victims of abuse, who are developing eating disorders and obesity, and who arrive at hospitals in emergency states in absence of appropriate treatment.

You are ignoring clear data. In every country in the world, the youth affected by COVID-19 is minimal to non-existent: in Sweden, not a single child has died, despite an open education system; in the U.S.A a total of 134 children under the age of 15 have died, constituting a mortality rate of 0.000002% (in Israel 5 children have died which is less than half of the number of children who die each year from influenza-like diseases).

Your policies have deteriorated Israel’s health, social and economic standards to historic lows.

Israel has become a leader in verified infection rates, losing the fight to prevent fatalities, leading in serious illness, and a champion of school and national lockdowns.

There is a difference between being careful and calculated and being hysterical and gripped by fear. You have built a panic-guided policy platform.

Like a surgeon who is afraid to make an incision for fear of the patient bleeding while the patient is dying on the table, you have violated your duty to patients and the public.

We call on you in the name of science, morality, ethics and the Hippocratic oath: change your policies immediately, open the schools.

The State of Israel has had, and still has, to do 7 things: immediately strengthen the health care system; prevent gatherings; wear masks indoors; protect and support at-risk populations; open the education system; continue to vaccinate, but without coercion, threats and discrimination; and of course, to restore public confidence if still possible, to reconnect the citizens of the country – Jews, Arabs, religious, secular, in culturally appropriate steps for each sector, in order to build and create rational conduct during the crisis.

Intimidation tactics undermine citizens’ trust and ability to cooperate and is not recommended in times of crisis.

Despite a year of crisis and a 200 billion shekel expenditure, you have not developed significant and effective solutions.

You have divided the people. You have issued irrational and confusing guidelines.

You have created bizarre laws with negligible benefit and that only burden the public, who in any case cannot uphold them.

One praiseworthy accomplishment was that you brought the vaccine and through the HMOs you created a spectacular vaccination operation, a light for the nations. And then, you began to destroy it, and instead of investing in raising public cooperation with those concerned by the vaccine, you started to threaten, to incite and condemn those who refused vaccination – which only strengthened their refusal.

The public, whose trust you have long since lost, is exhausted. The time may have come for you to descend from the Olympus of exponential growth, to extricate yourselves from the grip of the politicians and most importantly, to open your eyes to perceptions different to your own, and your hearts to the severe difficulties and distress in which the citizens of Israel find themselves.


The Public Emergency Council for the Covid19 Crisis