Members of the The Public Emergency Council for the Covid19 Crisis

The Public Emergency Council for the Covid19 Crisis is an independent organization made up of leading physicians, researchers and social welfare professionals who, in light of the way that the Covid19 crisis is being managed, have decided that they can no longer remain silent. 

The Council members bring decades of relevant experience and knowledge—each in her or his own field—thus creating a synergy and a balanced vision that takes into account the virus alongside other aspects of physical and mental health, and social welfare. 

This vision has been sorely lacking in the current management of the crisis, and the Council has undertaken to commit itself to acting as a professional body capable of formulating and advancing broader and more comprehensive solutions.

Dr. Yifat Abdi-Kork
Molecular Biology, Epidemiology
An expert in epidemiology and molecular biology, served as a Consultant to the national health basket public committee and Head of Pharmacoeconomics Department, Israeli Center for Technology Assessment in Health Care, the Gertner Institute.
Dr. Bruria Adini
Emergency And Disaster
PhD in Health Systems Management, serves as head of the Department of Emergency and Disaster Management at Tel Aviv University. Former Head of the IDF Emergency Preparedness Division (Lt. Col.) and Senior Consultant to the Ministry of Health's Emergency Division.
Prof. Elian Alkrinawi
Professor of Social Work, served as president of the Achva College, head of the Department of Social Work at Ben-Gurion University and as dean of the School of Social Work at Memorial University in Canada. Killam Award winner and beacon lighter at the 2013 Independence Day ceremony.
Prof. Mira Barak
Medical Lab Sciences
Professor of Medical Sciences, head of Medical Laboratory Sciences at Zefat Academic College. Managed the R&D division in Carmel Hospital, Director of Haifa and Western Galilee Central Laboratories in Clalit Health Services, founded and managed numerous clinical laboratories, including the central lab of Clalit, the Corona lab in the Northern region, and the designated corona lab at Ben Gurion airport.
Prof. Zvi Bentwich
Internal Medicine, Immunology
Professor of Medicine, specialist in Clinical Immunology and Infectious Diseases. Served as Chief of Department of Medicine, and pioneered AIDS medicine in Israel. Currently Head of Center for Tropical Diseases and AIDS at Ben-Gurion University. President of NALA Foundation for the Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases in Developing Countries and Board Member of Physicians for Human Rights in Israel.
Dr. Orna Blondheim
Pediatrics, Public Health
Specialist in Pediatrics and Neonatology as well as Director of Health Systems. She served as the director of the Schneider Children's Hospital and served 16 years as CEO of Emek Medical Center
Prof. Emerita Rivka Carmi
Pediatrics, Neonatology
Professor of Medicine, Specialist in Pediatrics, Neonatology and Medical Genetics. Served as Director of the Genetic Institute at Soroka Hospital, Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Ben- Gurion University, Chairman of the Dean of Medical Schools Association, President of Ben-Gurion University and Chairman of the Board of Universities.
Prof. Asher Elhayany
Family Medicine, Public Health
Professor of Medicine, Specialist in Family Medicine and Public Administration. He served as the CEO of Meir Hospital, the director of the Central District at Clalit Medical Centre, and as the director of the United Health Fund. He served as chairman of the National Council for Health in the Community. Family doctor in the Negev.
Prof. Dov Golan
Immunology, Medical management
Professor of Medicine, specialist in Internal Medicine, clinical immunology, and medical management. A pioneer in the field of immunology in Israel, former Director-General of Rothschild Hospital, and former director of the Israeli Ministry of Health
Prof. Zvika Granot
Professor of Immunology in the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University. An international expert in the field of neutrophil research, is developing new approaches to immunotherapy.
Dr. Michal Hemo Lotem
Pediatrician, Entrepreneur and author on leadership at medical futurism. Served as Vice President of Innovation at the Sheba Medical Center, and as a member of the Prime Minister’s Advisory Council. Founded Beterem - Safe Kids Israel,and OSHEYA - Women Lead Wellness. Received Prime Minister's special Award for her contribution to children.
Prof. Asa Kasher
Ethics, Israel Prize
Professor Emeritus of Professional Ethics and Philosophy at Tel Aviv University. Laureate of the Israel Prize for Philosophy. Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. Wrote dozens of state and public codes of ethics, including the military code of ethics, as well as serving as a member of several national public committees.
Prof. Amnon Lahad
Family Medicine
Specialist in Family Medicine (ISR) and Public health (US). Head departments of Family Medicine Hebrew University & Clalit Health Services, Jerusalem, Israel. Vice Dean Academia – Family medicine, Hebrew University. Chairman of the National Council for the Health of the Community. Active Family physician in Jerusalem.
Prof. Retsef Levi
Operations Management
Professor of Operations Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management. An international expert in safety, risk management and analytics-driven design and optimization of health systems and biologic drugs manufacturing systems. He is leading several large-scale research collaborations across the world with leading industry enterprises and government organizations. He has consulted multiple state governments during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Prof. Lechaim Naggan
Epidemiology, Public Health
Professor of public health and epidemiology. Previously served as deputy chief medical officer in the IDF, the dean of the Department of Health Sciences at Ben Gurion University and, subsequently, as Vice President of the University and Dean of Research and Development. Prof. Naggan was awarded a Life Achievement award by the Union of Public Health Doctors.
Prof. Udi Qimron
Immunology, Microbiology
Chair of the Department of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology at Tel Aviv University. Expert in T cells, mucosal vaccines, genetic engineering of bacterial viruses, and CRISPR. Published in Science, Nature and Cell and has won prestigious research grants including the ERC. Partner in the establishment of the SARS-CoV-2 testing laboratories.
Dr. Amir Shachar
Emergency Medicine, Cardiology
Specialist in internal medicine, cardiology, emergency medicine and health administration. Established and managed the Department of Emergency Medicine at Sheba Hospital, was deputy director of Meir Hospital and currently heading the ER at Laniado Hospital. Founded the Emergency Medicine department at Tel Aviv University.
Prof. Mordechai Shani
Internal Medicine, Israel Prize
Professor of Medicine and Medical Management, Specialist in Internal Medicine. Winner of the Israel Prize. Served twice as Director General of the Ministry of Health and Director of Sheba Hospital, as well as Chairman of the Medicines Committee. Founded and managed the School of Public Health at Tel Aviv University, and also established and managed the National Institute for Health Policy Research.
Dr. Yoav Yehezkelli
Internal Medicine, Epidemic Treatment
Specialist in Internal Medicine and Medical Management. Former lecturer in the Department of Emergency and Disaster Management at Tel Aviv University. Lt. Col. Res., One of the founders of the epidemic treatment team and evaluation programs for extreme biological incidents. Served as a hospital's deputy director, district physician, director of the primary care division in the HMOs. Medical consultant to KI research institute.